About TAG

TAG is a privately held, independent technology provider offering solutions to optimize trading performance and measure the quality of trade executions of financial market participants, as well as overall market quality. Our one and only focus is on delivering comprehensive, independent best execution reports. We are not influenced by a parent company, we are not a spin-off of an order management system, nor have we adapted software systems designed for another market sector.

In 1996, The Transaction Auditing Group, Inc. (TAG) originated the idea of independent best execution reporting and standardized industry benchmarks. This was long before the advent of Rule 605/606 and the level of public disclosure which is now commonplace. Through industry roundtables and extensive research, TAG developed technology and statistics which have found their way into numerous regulations and are standard in almost every best execution report produced today.

TAG combines unique real-time market data collection and archival capabilities, proprietary analytical measurements and benchmarks, and regulatory criteria in the creation of its metrics. TAG's line of product solutions has been designed using our extensive experience, market research, and feedback from numerous client firms including market makers, broker-dealers, exchanges, ETFs and ATFs.

Our proven track record for custom analysis is powered by the flexibility of our proprietary TAG IQ Engine, which can tackle any size custom request. TAG has developed numerous products, including powerful execution analytics solutions measuring: quality of execution, competition between market participants (execution venues, brokers), US Best Execution Compliance reporting, Transaction Cost Analysis, and more.

For over seventeen years, TAG has been your partner in best execution, helping you optimize trading performance, compete in the market, and comply with regulatory standards. TAG will continue to bring efficacy to your independent best execution reports, while helping market participants to take control of best execution, trading costs, market fragmentation and regulatory obligation in this quickly evolving global landscape.