Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

TAG's Competitive Analysis Reports have been designed using our extensive global experience, market research, and feedback from numerous clients including market makers, broker-dealers, exchanges, and alternative trading venues. Our clients rely on the business intelligence generated in our reports to help gain market share, differentiate themselves from competitors, and independently validate their performance.

Market Center Comparison Tool

Our online Market Center Comparison Tool allows you to research data in three different ways:

  • View Rule 605 public data
  • View your firm's execution quality data
  • Compare Rule 605 public data against your firm's execution quality data side by side

Data is easily sorted by a multitude of categories including individual or baskets of stocks and type of order. Our Market Center Comparison Tool allows you to compare, sort, and rank covered shares, price improvement, effective spread, and other best ex statistics using our proprietary TAG IQ Engine and benchmarks. Custom analytics setups can be saved for reuse and trend tracking.

Order Routing Comparison Tool

This online Order Routing Comparison Tool allows you to research data in three different ways:

  • View Rule 606 public data
  • View your firm's order routing patterns
  • Compare Rule 606 public data against your firm's order routing patterns side by side

Simultaneously compare your firm's routing destinations with those of other brokers, then save your custom analysis setup for reuse and trend tracking. Numerous report types are available, including: Brokerage Firm's Routing to Specific Venues and Brokerage Firms NOT Routing to a Specific Venue. All venues, including ECNs, exchanges, full-service firms, wholesalers, and market makers, can be viewed and results can be sorted by security type, time period, or by venue.

Market Center Competitive Analysis

Our comprehensive suite of online Market Center Competitive Analysis tools allows for comparisons of all market centers and Exchanges for any security, industry index, or customized symbol group. Our Market Center Competitive Analysis tool allows you to:

  • Assess your firm's competitiveness using proprietary TAG performance benchmarks
  • Review a wide range of current or historical statistics in summary or detail
  • Filter, sort, and rank results and view as tables or charts
  • Explore overall market share statistics, individual execution venues' participation, and the liquidity of each venue

NBBO Analysis

TAG provides online National Best Bid and Offer analysis, which is helpful to both exchanges and brokers, solely from market data captured via direct connection to the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA); your order data is not required. Based on a thorough examination of the options exchanges throughout the trading day, the analysis compares all of the options exchanges' quotes by symbol to the NBBO for both price and size. The analysis summarizes a multitude of NBBO measurements for the selected reporting period. This analysis tool is available on a daily or monthly basis.

Cross & Lock Report

Using TAG's historical and current market data feed captured directly from OPRA, the Cross and Lock Report analyzes each tick to identify occurrences of a locked or crossed market. The summary and detail views for both crossed and locked markets are fully filterable by market center and by the duration and magnitude of the market event. Drill down is available for more granular research.